Friday, April 22, 2011

Timing is Everything and Sometimes the Worst of Things

Days into my sons Spring break and days before easter, as my wife and I try to prepare eggs for coloring and secretly procure items for baskets, I just so happen to get sick. Yuck.

This is my attempt at an excuse for lack of posts of over the last few days, particularly my lack of a third person story yesterday. That is one of the features on this blog that I am most disappointed in myself for letting slip from time to time because I think it's the one that makes Transformer Generation Dad the most unique.

But such is life. Just when you think you've got some extra time, you get sick. Right when you get a little extra money, your car breaks down and needs a major engine overhaul. Shortly after organizing your kids' closet, they go through a growth spurt and don't fit in their clothes anymore. It's part of life and part of parenthood.

All you can really ask for at moments like this is understanding and support. When you have a teammate who is willing to let you rest a little and have a big glass of orange juice on the couch with a box of Kleenex nearby and who is willing to put up with your foul mood that is partially due to your inability to breath through your nose properly and who occupies the kids and keeps them from resenting you for acting like a slug for a few days, then you're doing alright.

I, for one, am doing all right. Thanks for asking.

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