Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day...Not to You, to the Guy Behind You...Yes, You.

Happy Labor Day!

I'm not talking to everyone out there.  Certainly I hope every single person who reads this, or even those who do not, has a wonderful day.  I'm a generally positive and amiable guy, so I hope for that everyday for everyone (except that guy at the grocery store the other know who you are).

I grew up in a family that held hard work in high regard.  To bust your hump day in and day out was a noble pursuit.  It put food on the table, provided funds for education for the next generation and kept one out of trouble.  The joy of seeing your family enjoying the fruits of your labor made all the hump busting worth while.

That is precisely why today I wish all those working stiffs out there a Happy Labor Day.  I hope you had the day off and I hope you enjoyed it to its fullest, be that by grilling, spending time with your family, watching one of the many television marathons (I watched Star Wars twice!) or doing absolutely nothing at all.

Let me extend my appreciation for whatever it is that you do.  Maybe you change my oil.  Perhaps you stock the shelves of Lego sets I regularly peruse with my sons.  Maybe you fill in the potholes in the street.  You may have even helped build a local school or hospital or even the store where the other guy stocks the shelves full of Lego sets so that my sons and I can peruse them.  Whatever it is you do, you dedicate a large chunk of your time most days to doing it and making yourself a useful part of society.  I sincerely thank you.

If you are anything like me, it is not every day that you feel appreciate at your place of work.  If you never feel appreciated than you are even more like me.  But today is your day and you deserve to relax or at least pat yourself on the back for being a part, even if it is a small part, of what keeps our country running smoothly.

Kick your feet up.  Have a beer on me.  Take a nap on the hammock before the weather turns too cold.  Do something for yourself because there are people out there who rely on you every day and you deserve a reward for that.

Then be ready to return to work tomorrow.  And make sure you stock those shelves because I know there are more Lego sets in the back room somewhere.

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