Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's Get Kraken With the New Monthly Poll

Last month's poll ended late Wednesday night, but in the proud tradition of Third Person Thursday, I didn't want to post anything that was not written in the third person yesterday.

I'm sure you were all wondering where the highly anticipated monthly graphic paying tribute to the poll winner was.  Wait no longer!


The thing you least liked about the new school year as a kid was the impending sense of doom.  In order to capture this unsettling feeling, I depicted a school building as the Kraken.  The particular building featured here is a library on my college campus.  It's architecture always seeming imposing to me and as I walked closer and closer to its entrance, I felt I was about to be consumed by it.  In fact, I was on more than one occasion.

Now on to next month's poll.  September will see my second favorite season, Summer, replaced by my favorite, Autumn.  I know there are many things about the months of Fall, but I'm wondering what, if anything, makes the season special in your mind.

Thanks for reading, as usual.  Happy September.

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