Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Ice Cream PSA

I apologize for breaking the rules of Wordless Wednesday, in fact another post with two pictures and no words (I promise) will be posted a little later, but this is a serious matter.  In fact this is pratically a public service announcement.

Observe if you will the above photograph.  You may recognize that this is a Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream cone.  What you may not recognize, unfortunately, is the topping on this particular cone.  If you have the extreme displeasure of being located near a Dairy Queen that does not carry "Crunch Coat" this is what you are missing.

Alas, for years many people near the offending Dairy Queen locations have not known what I was talking about when I requested my cone be rolled in Crunch Coat on several occasions.  This is a tragedy and I seek that all Dairy Queen patrons be treated equally and have accessibility to this amazing taste sensation.  Alert the manager at your Dairy Queen immediately and demand that they make this crunchy, peanut-ty option available to you without delay.

The more you know...

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