Monday, July 2, 2012

To Each His Own With Our Brand New Poll

In response to June's poll question regarding how you felt about DC Comics' decision to make the Green Lantern (at least the alternate universe version, so "a" Green Lantern) gay, our readers responded with a resounding YAAAAAWWWWWWN.  And since the majority of you didn't think it was a big deal, I will conform and treat it as such by immediately moving on to the new poll with little to no fanfare.

Within just a few hours (less than one on the East Coast) of typing this post, the newest Marvel film, The Amazing Spider-Man (remember the hyphen) will be released for viewing.  Alas, my schedule will probably not allow me time to see it until a week or two later.  Sigh.

With the major new reveals of the movie still unspoiled, July's poll will have to do with one major point of controversy over the new film.  I speak, of course, of Spidey's web shooters.  In the Tobey Maquire franchise, they had been made part of the hero's enhanced physiology, much to the chagrin of fans demanding reverence to the comic book.  This time around, Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker constructs his own as he did in the comic.  Be prepared for the scene when he runs out mid-swing.

So what do TGD readers prefer?  Do you like your web shooters to be part of the (Spider-)man?  Would you rather see the boy genius invent his own?  Or would you rather see the web done away with and some new spider transportation method inserted?  Perhaps he manages to make with way through the city quickly by tricking people, thus traveling on a web of lies, or is able to harness the power of the internet to travel on the world wide web.  Perhaps some other terribly corny web reference would suit your fancy.

Let's reconvene at the end of July and discuss.

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