Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paws and Appreciate Your Pet Today

My dog turned twelve a few days before Halloween.  I'll do the math for you.  That's eighty-four in dog years.  While I look at him and still see a new puppy tripping over his own ears, the reality of the situation is that he is an octogenarian.  It is far more likely now that any tripping he does over something will come as a result of not seeing it rather than his rambunctious nature.

Let it be known that I often get frustrated with our four-legged friend.  He poops in the middle of the gangway, snores, gets hair everywhere and decides to bark at inopportune moments like the middle of the night or while on the phone with work to tell them I'm running late because I'm on the road back home at the moment...apparently with my dog.

But frustration aside, our beloved family pet has not been well the past few days.  He has looked downright sickly.  He gets up even less than usual.  He hasn't been eating well.

I'm mentioning him now, keeping him constantly in my thoughts and hoping that he will recuperate as he has in the past.  I'm also asking for your thoughts to be with our furriest of family members over the next few days.  Call it what you will, prayer, karma, the power of positive thinking or even superstition, but I believe that it has an effect on the outcome of such things sometimes.  My sons went to school yesterday promising to say prayers for our dog while there and he looked better by the time they returned home.  But, we aren't out of the woods yet as he is looking his age now more than ever.  I feel that the more good mojo he has flowing his direction the better.

Thus, at several points throughout today, I will be skimming the Transformer Generation Dad archives and reposting previous musings about my dog.  I hope that if you have a pet of your own, you take an extra moment today and cherish their companionship as well.  Any and all happy thoughts and well wishes are appreciated.

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