Thursday, December 22, 2011

Third Person Thursday: High Seas Distractions

It had been a long, hard day, filled with distractions.  Finally, he sat down at the table with his laptop and intended to get some writing done.

This particular Thursday, the author had envisioned a story about the Elf on the Shelf, the children's book and accompanying, somewhat creepy elf doll that was meant to help keep his sons in line during the Christmas season.  The story had buzzed about in his head all day.  It was simply a matter of taking the time to type the words and that time had finally come.

His fingers hovered momentarily above the keyboard and the story spun through his mind once again.  It would be at once heartwarming and humorous.  Silly and suspenseful.  It was a work of art in his brain only waiting to be set free.

But just before the first keystroke landed, another opportunity presented itself.  He cast aside his writing and dove headlong into the glory of distraction, not stopping until it had run its course and far less time than necessary remained to write the tale of the elf.

After a moment's regret, he looked again to that which had diverted his attention.

Then he mumbled to himself, "Yarr, it be worth every wasted second, it be."

Just then his son came up from the basement to discover his massive Lego set completed.  "It's finished?  Thanks, dad," he exclaimed and gave his father, the author, the builder, a great big hug before starting an imaginary pirate battle.

He was right about it being worth it.  It be.  It most certainly be.

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