Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heel. Sit. Stay. Good Boy, Now Defend the Earth from Zombies and Mummies. TGD Reviews Paladog.

He thwarts evil and he has a silky coat
I don't know how I ever survived waiting for any period of time prior to owning my iphone.  I find it impossible to recall exactly what I did during all those hours of my life spent in doctors' offices waiting rooms, in line for roller coasters and in the McDonald's Drive-Thru.  Oh, the time I wasted.

Luckily, games for smart phones come out every now and then that are so addictive that you look forward to the opportunity to be stuck somewhere with nothing else to do.  Paladog is just one of those games.

The Plus Side: You know why the good versus evil, facing the end of the world game format works?  Because it's awesome.  In Paladog, you are a fluffy white pup who has risen to become the warrior of destiny who will lead an army of adorable critters against the forces of evil which have risen up from Hell due to man's corrupt nature.  What's not to like?

If you like side-scrolling war games, you'll enjoy this.  You are able to attack the enemy's castle with various wands and dispatch your troops strategically based on their strengths.

I'm all about being rewarded for time well spent in a game.  Paladog allows for you to gain both experience and gold and constantly upgrade your army and your weaponry.

Want a game with high replay?  There are tons of bonus items to unlock in campaign mode, the continuing challenge of survival mode and an entirely different version of the game where you play as Dark Dog.  Of course, you have to save his soul as Paladog first.

If you like to play the same games as your kids, this one is acceptable.  You can adjust the gore level at the beginning of the game so that the kiddies aren't seeing blood splatter everywhere during their battle, though some of the monsters are a bit on the sinister looking side, so judge your child's ability to handle creepy monsters accordingly.

The Down Side:  Like most games these days, you are encouraged to spend money on in-app purchases.  There are constant reminders in the game, but they aren't in pop-up ad form so it is nowhere near as obnoxious as other games.

The other shortcoming is the massive gap in quality between the free version and the $1.99 version.  Once you spend the two bucks, the graphics improve, the game play is smoother and the egregious typos are corrected.

The Wrap Up:  Paladog gives you what you want from a decent app.  It's cute and and kick-ass at the same time.  It's fun, upgradeable and highly replayable.  Plus, it's fun for the whole family.  If you're looking for a great game that makes passing the time a pleasure, Paladog is $1.99 well spent.

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