Saturday, September 1, 2012

Last Month's Zombie Poll Shambles Mindlessly Off to Make Way for Our Halloween Poll

Last month's poll has wrapped up and the public has shown that they prefer sharpened points on their zombie combatting equipment over the blunt trauma approach.  The compass and sharpened pencil tied for first place as the school supplies you would most likely employ in your defense during the zombie apocalypse and they certainly go hand in hand in that I have never seen a compass worth its salt that didn't have a sharpened pencil fastened into it.

Your penchant for piercing through the rotted, bloated flesh of the undead aside, it is time to address Halloween costumes in this month's poll as the closing of it will take us to October 1st.  And so I ask this month, loyal readers about your Halloween costume preference: Homemade or store bought?

This could mean your preference as a kid or your preference for your own children now.  It could refer to what the best costume you have ever seen is or you could vote based on convenience.  The choice is yours.  I am eager to see how the Transformer Generation Dad community prefers their costumes.

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