Friday, October 8, 2010

200th Post...meh.

To be perfectly honest with you all, I thought I would have gotten sick of this by now. But, here we are, eight months (roughly) and two hundred posts (precisely) later and I’m still writing Transformer Generation Dad.

Allow me to thank my whopping half dozen followers for always being there for me. You’ve taught me a valuable lesson. You have taught me that being followed isn’t necessarily as creepy as it sounds. Normally, upon discovering that someone was following me, I would turn around abruptly and shout, “Stop following me!” However, the type of following you have participated in is a more supportive and heart-warming following than your average stalker or serial killer would participate in and, for this, I thank you and I say, “Please, keep following me.”

I didn’t start this blog to become popular. I started this blog in order to get myself back into the habit of writing on a regular basis. I’m not exactly sure that you can call what I’ve produced writing, but I have at least kept myself typing on a regular basis, and that’s not half bad.

I also started this blog hoping that an occasional fellow nerdy, dorky or geeky father would read it and be encouraged to be himself. I hoped that I might inspire my fellow fathers who still like to play with toys and video games to come out of the shadows and be seen for who they truly are.

Sadly, this has not happened. Not a single one has contacted me, which suggests to me that if any such dads are reading this blog, they are refusing to come out and admit it, preferring to remain hidden in the crowd, acting like they enjoy reality television, denying they watch cartoons and playing with their kids’ toys only under cover of darkness. And that’s okay. Someday, when you’re comfortable, you can come forward, my friends. Until that day, I’m just going to pretend you’ve been reading all along anyway.

And so I am going to give myself a big, fat, selfish, hardly deserved pat on the back for spewing my thoughts onto the screen two hundred times. I have managed to persevere through no odds whatsoever to produce a quality, barely read blog. While most people would have crumbled under the intense lack of pressure, I have stood strong, shining like a beacon of hope hidden deep below the Earth’s surface where nobody will ever see it, but prepared to guide and inspire nonetheless. It is quite possible that my blog may be the best thing that will never happen to somebody.

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