Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes it Takes Two to Prioritize

My mother cut a comic strip out of the newspaper for me the other day.

I don't get a newspaper delivered anymore. I used to and tried very hard to read only the comics and sports, but the headlines would gnaw at me. "You're a grown up! read us!" they would beckon. Eventually, I would cave and read several articles, all relating to politicians' indiscretions or complete idiots' inflated opinions of their own opinions. My anger would boil into a rage until I ripped the paper to shreds as my wife stared at me across the breakfast table. I would then realize that she hadn't read that section yet and, more distressing, that I hadn't completed the sudoku or crossword puzzle contained within.

Since my decision to resist the temptation to ascend into full blown adulthood and read real newspaper articles, I have been woefully behind on "the funnies." Thus, my mother's gift of at least one strip that she thought would be of particular interest to me was more than welcome. The strip itself can be viewed at this link. Please take a minute to read it before continuing.

I share this because I feel it perfectly exemplifies the spirit of this blog and my life in general (my mother has obviously been reading this blog regularly...thanks, mom) and maybe in a way because I want to push the limits of copyright infringement.

I also share it because it sends the important message that you need to have an extra voice around during parenthood to make sure the important stuff isn't overlooked. Most mothers have no idea that there are specialized Lego pieces that are difficult to replace. What would they do without us?

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