Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Best News I've Heard In...Ever?

Earlier this week, I was perusing The Brothers Brick and read some news that caused me to choke on my coffee.  Thankfully, I repressed the sudden urge to spray it comically from my mouth in surprise.

I hadn't been on the site in over a week at that point and was trying to catch up on all the amazing Lego news that the fine contributors at that blog publish.  All my excitement over the release of Captain America left me little time to focus on anything else.  Had I just checked in on TBB, I could have passed this news and my reaction to it on to you all sooner.

Apparently, at the annual epic San Diego Comic Convention, Lego announced that they had secured the license to produce Lego minifigures based on DC Comics characters.  They were passing out limited edition Batman and Green Lantern minifigs.  That's exciting.

But that's not the most exciting, beverage choking news.

Immediately following this announcement, Lego revealed that they also obtained the license to produce sets and minifgures based on the Marvel Universe.


It seems that Lego is primed to begin producing sets and minifigs based on the upcoming 2012 Avengers movie and you can see prototype pictures at the link listed above.  I suddenly find myself unable to think of anything else.  I have a foot tall Captain America action figure, a 3.5" figure, a Mighty Mugg, two different Super hero Squad versions and another large round headed figure i picked up at C2E2 on my shelf.  Yet I anticipate that the future flagship of my collection will be the smallest of them all, the upcoming minifigure version of Cap.

The problem that now presents itself is that I will have to clear space on said shelf.  Of course, the minifigure itself will take up minimal space and can no doubt be placed on the shelf in its current arrangement without having to move a single item.  It's the special stand, glass case and 24-hour display lighting system that will require added space.

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