Friday, July 1, 2011

Mistakes Were Made

Parents should not try and teach their kids to be perfect. Unless their children are robots like in Small Wonder, in which case that particular child's behavior directly reflects upon the "parent's" prowess as a programmer in which case they should strive to create a perfect child. This would also be the responsible thing to do as an imperfect humanoid robot misbehaving and running rampant through the city can potentially bring harm to the entire populace.

Getting back on topic, I try to teach my carbon based, imperfect, entirely human children (sigh) that mistakes are a part of life. In fact, I teach them that making mistakes can be good because it helps you learn. Some of the words I know how to spell best (nuclear, bouillabaisse, phlegm) are words that I embarrassingly misspelled in school and vowed never to misspell again. What can I say, I was easily embarrassed in those years.

The lesson I try to drive home to my children is that making mistakes does not define you. The way you handle correcting your mistakes does. You should write that down. You need to be man (or woman) enough to admit that you made an error and then do your best to make it right. Taking such action can show others more about your character than if you had simply done it right in the first place. If you made a mistake and just let it go, nobody would realize how obsessive-compulsive and controlling you are.

That said, I have come to realize that as creator/author/slavedriver behind Transformer Generation Dad, I have made a mistake recently. Long time readers may remember that we used to run our poll question on a monthly basis. Then, the resulting winner, on the first of the following month, would be celebrated via some sort of cheesy graphic of my creation. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was fun. It brought us some of the following images that I, for one, fondly remember over the last year and a half (cue nostalgic music; begin slideshow):

Ah, such classics. Thinking back on these timeless, funny, violent images, I realized that a big part of this blog that has been missing for the last few months. Back in April, our monthly poll asked whether we should have the poll change more frequently. Our readers voted to make the poll weekly instead of monthly and there has not been a quality image produced regarding a poll winner since.

I, for one, miss all the violence. I admit to all of you now, here in this public forum that it was a mistake to change the format of the poll. Now, instead of having an image each month for you all to look forward to and enjoy, we have the all too forgettable results of a random question each week.

Well I say, "No more!"

Starting this month, I have decided to reinstate the monthly status of our monthly poll. Keep your eyes peeled later today for July's poll question. I also promise to provide you with some sort of random and hopefully humorous (and maybe a little violent) image commemorating the winner of said poll for the ages. Let it be known that this blog shall return to its previous glory. Huzzah!

And so, together, we have grown here today. We should be proud of that. You all have learned that I am not too proud to admit that I have made a mistake and that, having realized such, I will do my best to correct it. In turn, I have learned that it was a mistake to listen to your opinions about this blog and vow never to do so again in the future.

Thanks for reading!

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