Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exceptions Must Be Made For Awesomeness

Third Person Thursday is a sacred institution here at Transformer Generation Dad. Normally, only a post written in the third person narrative would appear here. However, every now and then some news happens to come my way that must be shared. From time to time I am made aware of something so awesome that the celebration over it cannot wait more than twenty-four hours. When such a thing happens, it does matter what day of the week it is and i would be remiss not to pass it along to my loyal readers.

As I do at least every other day at least, I checked The Brothers Brick today and was astounded at one of their June 1st posts.

I have long regretted not having purchased the Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler many years ago when it was on shelves. Since, I occasionally find myself looking it up on eBay only to see that it is well outside my price range. It was always a set that I would have loved to have. But if you think Lego made a decent likeness of the mobile Jawa base, you haven't seen anything.

On The Brothers Brick, you will bear witness to a creation by Marshal Banana that was recognized by yours truly as the most amazing and spot-on Star Wars themed Lego recreation ever. A three-foot long, motorized, minifigure scale Sandcrawler, complete with night photos and a short video revealing some of the interior detail absolutely blew me away.

I encourage you to stop reading this blog and go check it out. Yes, it is that awesome that I am actually encouraging you leave this site if you haven't already and go there now. Go ahead. We'll be waiting here patiently for you when you come back.


Awesome, right?

My congratulations go out to Marshal Banana and I am going to the bank first thing in the morning to open up a new savings dedicated to the sole purpose of building up enough change to make a purchase should Lego ever have the good sense to collaborate with the artist and make it into an official set.

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