Tuesday, June 21, 2011

R.I.P. "Big Man"

It was a busy weekend for me. Baseball games, Father's Day celebrations and the necessary activity for this blog, including the conclusion of our t-shirt giveaway and the updating of our weekly features.

Lost in all of that was the passing of a man whose influence was great. He has made my life better and undoubtedly has done the same for many others. I had the pleasure of witnessing him ply his trade on three separate occasions in person. He played the saxophone like no other and filled the songs of Bruce Springsteen with an unforgettable amount of soul and feeling. I speak of Clarence "Big Man" Clemons.

While The Boss has had some success on his own to be sure and wrote plenty of meaningful and entertaining music during his solo career, I would argue as I'm sure would many others that his best work came with The E Street Band at his back. Clarence Clemons was the largest (literally and figuratively) part of this band. Sure, the guitar, the drums, the keyboard all played into the sound, but I dare you to take the saxophone out of Born to Run and still enjoy that song. And it's not just that particular hit, but a huge amount of Springsteen's music.

So, Godspeed, Clarence. This fan wanted to write a brief post in the hope that it might help send you on your way. May your spirit be lifted to the heavens like the sound of your saxophone in a crowded, cheering stadium.

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