Saturday, February 25, 2012

Almost There...

Ladies and gentlemen, after some tough deliberation by myself and the selection committee, the seeding of the contestants in this year's Geek Tournament is nearly complete.  Within the next day or two, the bracket should be completed and posted and your chance to win a Cobra iRadar will become available.  In addition, I plan to post an explanation for the seeding decisions so that before I get a nasty email, you can at least read where we were coming from when we dissed your favorite obsession.

I just wanted to alert you all to this and create the sort of swirling vortex of anticipation to which the Geek Tournament could not possibly live up.  So tell everyone you know that the 2012 Transformer Generation Dad Geek Tournament is about to begin.  Then prepare to compete for one hell of a grand prize.

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