Friday, February 3, 2012

Life is a Journey...Down a Spiral Staircase...After Slipping on a Banana Peel

My last post described the events of a day that sucked.  Having the support of my family around me helped me keep my sanity, but they couldn't put any more hours in the day despite my begging them to do so.  Thus, the days that have passed from that to this have left me with little opportunity to sleep properly, much less write any blog posts.

The past week of my life has been a sleep deprived haze of work, neglected promises, pulling uniform pants from the dirty laundry pile and trying to make them look presentable for one more day, apologizing to my kids for not telling their mother about the thing they needed for school the next morning and swearing that I just closed my eyes thirty seconds ago when the alarm was suddenly going off.

Sometimes, life runs away on you.  Then again, sometimes it runs away from you.  Then even further again, sometimes it runs away with you tucked under its arm like a screaming football of a toddler crying to get just that one toy because life never lets you get anything you want and you hate it, you hate it, YOU HATE IT!

But hopefully, the whining tantrum that my life was quickly descending into is behind us.  Today I begin a length of time off from work (no, I was not fired...unfortunately) and I have a stack of books to begin reading, a lot of AA batteries for the video game remotes and a fridge full of beer.

In short, things are looking up.  I hope to get around to finally changing the weekly features and the monthly poll, alerting you on what is coming in the world of entertainment and posting some short stories.

However, should there come another extended period of time in the not too distant future that passes without my posting regularly, you can rest assured it is because I am passed out somewhere with a smile on my face or a headache or both or that I got wrapped up in trying to finish one more chapter in whatever it was that I was reading.  Please don't worry that I am waking up face down in a roadside ditch unaware of how I came to be there because if that's what happens, it's going to be part of something that leaves me with quite a story to tell you.

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