Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, TGD

On February 20th, this blog marked its second anniversary.  I've been so caught up in sorting and seeding this year's Geek Tournament contestants that I completely neglected to recognize this momentous achievement.

Let me take the time to quickly thank everyone who has read the words posted here over those two years. Writing this blog has sometimes been a pain in the butt and there have been days when I was prepared to scrap the whole project, but overall it has been an enjoyable and rewarding venture.

I thank my regular readers for their loyalty and newcomers for their adventurous spirit.  I apologize for the lack of Third Person Thursday posts (especially as of late) and I apologize to my family for the time writing here sometimes takes away from them.  Ultimately, however, this blog is a celebration of being a father, a family man and a geek and I thank them more than anyone for their support and understanding.

Now that I'm done acting as if I've won some sort of humanitarian award, go back to what you were doing and check back regularly as I hope you always do.  TGD values your friendship.

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