Saturday, February 4, 2012

No Moral High Ground to Stand on With This Pick...Or Is There?

Well, the Transformer Generation Dad Moral High Ground Picks for this season's NFL PLayoffs have not gone so well.  Certainly, the two most evil teams (the Baltimore Ravens by their association with a murderer and the Green Bay Packers by their association with the opposite of the Bears) were dispatched.  However, I cannot say that I can assuredly rest my high and mighty laurels upon the likes of either team left to represent their respective conference in the championship game.

But I'll sure as hell try.

I make no secret of the fact that, as a proud Chicagoan, I am not very fond of teams from New York as a general rule.  However, the Patriots-Giants matchup has forced me to explore that hatred further.  It left me realizing that it is basically the Yankees and the Knicks upon whom I wish bad things...and kind of the Rangers.  The Giants, Jets and Mets have never been the recipients of my laser pointed hatred.  Still, as a citizen of the Second City and with a raging inferiority complex, I hesitate to leap into the bold blue arms of Giants' fandom.

On the other hand, we have the New England Patriots.  Bill Belichick may be a football genius, but something about him bothers me.  Maybe it's the constant frown on his face.  Maybe it's the fact that I believe he may have cheated to defeat the Rams in his first Super Bowl victory.  Perhaps it's the ridiculous way he cuts the sleeves off of his hooded sweatshirt on the sidelines and his resemblance to Emperor Palpatine when he has his hood up.  I'm still not sure the exact reason, but I find it difficult ot support a team that he coaches.

I've been finding it very difficult to make a decision.  Both teams have people associated with them that mildly annoy me, but nobody that I genuinely hate even despite Justin Tuck's terrible Subway commercials.  I racked my brain for the duration of the extended layoff and then finally something came to me.  I was able to make my decision and it had to do with three factors.

1. Tom Brady is good looking - I can comfortably admit that along with 99% of the female population of the world.  But it doesn't weigh in the way you think it might.  Tom Brady is the pretty boy who gets everything he wants.  Eli Manning is the more homely little brother with the goofy ears and crooked smile who probably still gets carded in bars outside the New York area.  Which leads me to point number two...

2. I am a little brother - As you other little brothers out there can attest, it's difficult to follow after a successful older sibling and live up to their standards.  It's even harder to outperform them.  My heart goes out to Eli and I think the after effects of him having more Super Bowl rings than Peyton would be a victory for little brothers everywhere.  And speaking of Peyton...

3. Payton Manning beat the Bears and I have never forgiven him - My lingering grudge would love to see the disappointment that was Peyton Manning's missed season and his potential release from the Colts in favor of the younger Andrew Luck added to by having to deal with all the questions of whether or not his younger brother might be a better quarterback than he is because of the number of Super Bowl rings.  That's just what I think he deserves for beating the Bears back in February of 2007, five years ago today.

And that is why I can confidently relate to you the following:

TGD Moral High Ground Pick for Super Bowl XLVI:
New York Giants

Of course, were I a betting man, I would almost certainly bet against my own bet due to the jinx I am sure to be upon the Giants.  Either way, that's my moral high ground pick for the game and I'm sticking with it.  Enjoy the game, everybody.

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