Monday, May 21, 2012

Assembling the Avengers

My youngest son's birthday saw him receive the full compliment of Lego Marvel Super Heroes sets based on the Avengers film.  He was extremely happy, but not quite as happy as I was.

Over the several days following, we began assembling the sets together.  The minifigures themselves are most certainly the prize of the sets, Iron Man's mask flipping open, Cap's shield, a mini-Mjolnir for Thor to carry as his flowing golden locks frame his bearded face and the oversized Hulk figure make the sets worth it on their own.  But during the completion of one set in particular, I discovered the sort of nugget of insight that makes obsessive nerds smile on the inside with glee.

Below is our finished set of #6868 Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout:

At this point, I must throw a quick warning out there.  SPOILER ALERT: the references to be made below this point in this post reference events from the Avengers movie.  If you are so lame that you have not seen it yet and want everything to come as a surprise, then do not read further.

As you can see, the set features two computer terminals positioned above Loki's holding cell.  The display upon each screen is created by a decal, but it wasn't until I was applying said decals that I really noticed what one of them depicted.  Let us take a closer look...

Yes, that is the unmistakeable screen shot of the classic arcade game Space Invaders on one of the screens.  Awesome.  My sons and I got a big kick out of it.  Those who have seen the movie might remember Tony Stark calling out one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents for playing games at his work station instead of monitoring it and apparently Lego thought they would throw a reference into their toy line.

I assure you, Lego, my sons and I picked up on it and shared a good laugh.  However my boys were quick to point out a shortcoming on Lego's part.  "Dad, that's Space Invaders and the guys in the movie was playing Galaga," they alerted me.

I'm so very proud.

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