Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Are What You (R)Ea(d)t

Writing non-fiction or satiric commentary on this blog requires sensory input.  Things of that matter are easy enough to come by.  Someone famous on television annoys me, I hear of an awesome new movie to be released, my kids say something funny or ridiculous or an average day to day event causes me to obsess over the twists and turns my life has taken through a neurotically judgmental lens.

However, much like our digestive systems, the output is directly affected by the input.  If that taken in is all stuff and nonsense like mental junk food, that which is produced will be just as unpleasant like mental diarrhea.  Sure, it flows out freely, but it really stinks.

I write this as my wife and I have taken a jaunt (there’s a bygone word…let’s all resurrect it together, shall we?) to our old college campus.  I look around at the young scholars and hallowed halls of learning that I once navigated and realize that I used to be smart enough to attend school here.  My next thought is, “What the hell happened?”

So, for the remainder of the late morning and early afternoon, I’ll be soaking in the springtime weather, the gothic architecture and menacing looking paintings of former university administrators while reading some H.P. Lovecraft (expect a sci-fi/horror story this Thursday).  Perhaps it will inspire me and I’ll get a chance to update the weekly features before it is time to return to my life as chauffer and baseball coach when the kids get home from school.

Of course, if my writing process is anything like the digestive process as I suggested (and as I suspect it is) then regardless of what I take in, the product is still going to stink, just not as badly.

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