Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Revenge of the New Poll

I must finally come down off the high of the Geek Tournament.  The winners have been decided, the final celebration rightfully celebrated and the prize of the Cobra iRadar handed out (congratulations to Patrick and a hearty, “Thanks for playing,” to everyone else).

I was so wrapped up in the afterglow of the second annual coming of the event that I neglected to come up with a poll question for April and also was at an all time low in generating posts last month.  It is time to turn the tide.  May promises to be a month full of promise and excitement and our monthly poll question should return in order to signify that.

So let’s get right to it.  With The Avengers sure to be the hit movie of the month, let’s look forward to the future and vote on which Avenger ought to be included in the sequel.  Your choices are:
  • Giant Man & Wasp
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch
  • Vision
  • Wonderman

A few of the choices include two heroes just because one can’t imagine adding one without the other.  But more is not better, so I encourage you to choose wisely.  Who knows, the minds behind the Marvel films might be reading and take our advice to heart.  (We know this is not true of course because if it were Chameleon would have been the villain in the new Spider-Man movie instead of Lizard and a second Ghost Rider starring Nicolas Cage would never have been made…but we can dream, can’t we?)

Happy voting.

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