Friday, May 4, 2012

May the Fourth Be With You as George Intended

It is May the Fourth, which, as all good fanboys and fangirls should know, means it is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth..."May the Force"...please tell me you get that).  Many of you may be looking for a way to celebrate.  Perhaps you are holding a Star Wars movie marathon (ill-advised due to the Avengers being released today), organizing a round robin lightsaber duel tournament, playing one of the many Star Wars video games (hopefully Lego Star Wars because, let's face it, it's the best one), perusing eBay for collectible memorabilia (finally that embossed Empire Strikes Back lunch box shall be mine) or hosting an Ewok style barbecue in your backyard which will conclude with the burning of an effigy Darth Vader corpse.  Note: I suggest using a Vader made of wood or some other simple material as dressing up an actual corpse and burning it creates an awful stink.  I speak from experience.

Well, if you are doing any of the things listed above, stop immediately.  Unless you want your fan card revoked immediately, you ought to begin celebrating the most celebrated science fiction film series of all time the way the creator would have you spend it.  George Lucas didn't create Star Wars so you could sit in your basements and watch old movies.  He didn't film his space opera epic in the hopes that millions of nerds would leap at any opportunity to dress as the characters portrayed within it.  Nay, Mr. Lucas intended for the films to stir inside you one of the most basic and necessary principles of mankind.  He meant for you to be moved by the ever-lasting motivation of all good things: Consumerism.

That's right, folks, scads of online stores are holding May the Fourth sales today and Transformer Generation Dad means to hold true to the oldest Star Wars tradition of all, buying stuff, by helping direct you to some of the best.  So without further ado, here is a list of just some of the extra special deals on Star Wars goodies out there today:

To be sure, there are more out there, but this is a pretty prime sampling and ought to put a sizable dent in your bank account.  If you need further help, let me know.  When I'm finished taking the kids to see the Avengers, I'll research a bit more, just for you.  That's the kind of blogger I am.

Most importantly, I think this proves my point.  At the bright, shiny center of the Star Wars universe lies a dollar sign, but we all knew that from the start.  Of course, if the action-figurization of every single character shown even in the background of every scene of the movie didn't convince you that consumerism was at the heart of the Star wars franchise, then I'm not sure how big a fan you really are.

So go out and spend all you Star Wars fans and May the Fourth truly be with you.

Note: Transformer Generation Dad claims all creative rights to the term "action-figurization"

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