Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bear Down!

The Bears have clinched the NFC North and are headed to the playoffs!

Those of you who thought they would struggle to be a five hundred team at best can now eat their words and admit that they are a force to be reckoned with. Don't try and pretend you never doubted them either, because I sure did. I was at all those Bear-bashing meetings and I saw you there and I should warn you that I am very good with faces. Not so great with names, but I will point at you and shout "A-ha!" with great veracity should you act like you've been on the bandwagon this entire time.

But while my excitement for the oncoming post-season can barely (or Bear-ly? Ha!) be contained, there is something even more important than a division championship that my beloved Bears cemented with their Monday Night Football win over the Vikings. If you read my post from December 15th, you would know that I was afraid of jinxing them. With their victory, they have confirmed that I am not a jinx.

Goodbye, last to be picked status in kickball.

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