Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to Fill Out Mad-Libs Like My Sons

Who doesn't love Mad-Libs? I had tons of fun filling these out with my brothers and my friends as a kid. To be honest, I think the majority of my knowledge regarding grammar comes from my Mad-Lib experience (which explains an very very much). That's why my wife and I have encouraged to do Mad-Libs as often as possible. We hope it will translate, however loosely, into good grades.

For as funny as I always thought they were, I don't remember laughing anywhere near as hard as my sons laugh when they fill them out. I have honestly been jealous of how much fun they have been having, laughing hysterically (and quite loudly) as I try to get work done.

So I decided to do a quick analysis of their technique. This way, should you or I need a good laugh, we can just recreate their methods and hopefully laugh as hard as they do. It seems my boys have a few standard words which they do not deviate from and this results in a .988 hilarity rate. Below, I have compiled a fairly comprehensive list of the words organized by the standard Mad-Lib blank categories so that you may benefit from their usage.

  • Nouns: butt, fart, poo, toilet
  • Plural Nouns: butts, farts, poos, toilets
  • Verbs: fart, poo
  • Adjectives: stinky, smelly, juicy, poopy
  • Adverbs: stinkily, stupidly
  • Type of Liquid: pee
  • Famous Person: Will Ferrell, Bear Grylls
  • Name of Person in Room: Daddy

So maybe this won't translate into school knowledge quite as easily as I hoped (Lord help me if they use this in school), but at least they're having a good time.

Note: I am well aware of the fact that the "person in the room" usually gets screwed over in the narrative of the Mad-Lib. The significance of my sons always choosing me is not lost.

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