Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Throw Down a Gauntlet. Dare You Pick it Up?

Two years ago, I started a Christmas tradition (or at least a Christmas vacation tradition) with my sons. During their time off form school, we watch all six Star Wars movies together in chronological order.

Before you swoop down with your razor sharp talons of self-righteous nerdiness to exact swift and painful justice upon me, please hear me out.

I originally showed them the saga in the order the films were released, that is, Episodes IV-VI first, then Episodes I-III. This is the proper way for a new Star Wars fan to watch them. Once they have all been seen, however, I find it perfectly acceptable to then watch them in chronological order. On a side note, watching them in this order carries the benefit of having something to look forward to when you start to get sick of the prequel trilogy. You get the worst film out of the way first and can look forward to the original masterpieces.

This is my third year attempting the Lucas marathon and I plan to begin the journey Monday morning.

I write of this here because I want all my fellow Star Wars nerds out there to join me. See if you can watch all six films between now and the new year. I will allow New Year's weekend because many of you should be off. To those who complete the challenge, I offer a prize: my respect.

Now, off to your screens, readers, like you need any further excuse to sit on your ass in front of your television for an extended period of time and deprive yourself sunlight.

May the Force be with you.

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