Thursday, December 2, 2010

Congrats to Hawkeye. What Are Your Feelings on Christmas Trees?

Happy December!

With one month over, we close the voting in our November poll. The first place prize goes to Hawkeye. He was deemed your favorite Avenger. Captain America was a close second, Thor and Iron Man tied for third and the poor, poor Hulk failed to get a spot on the platform. By the way, the prize for first place is my unending respect and admiration. Who could really ask for more than that? (Note: This is a rhetorical question)

And per out monthly tradition, I now provide you with this extremely cheesy picture depicting the poll winner's jubilant victory. Here it is:

With that business dispatched, let us move on to this month's poll. It's December and we in the TGD household happen to celebrate Christmas. No disrespect to the other fine holidays out there, but Christmas is our bag, baby. Thus, the new poll will ask all you loyal readers out there whether you prefer real or artificial Christmas trees. Your reasons are of no consequence to me. You may use your real tree for mulch in the spring. You may choose artificial trees because you are a hippy who doesn't want to see a living thing cut down for your own aesthetic purposes.

Regardless, please vote early and vote often. Let's go into the new year with a healthy showing in our latest poll.

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