Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good News! I'm Still Alive.

I promised an update on how successful or unsuccessful the results of my fire pit construction project were.  I am happy to announce that I finished its construction and it looks like this:

Lawn maintenance concerns aside, I'm pretty proud of what I created out of a pile of extra retaining wall bricks that have been lying around in my backyard for several years.  Overhead cost for me: $0.

The most exciting news is that my wife and I enjoyed its inaugural late night fire within hours after completing it and there were no exploding rocks as I had previous feared.  My wife and I don't have any holes anywhere about our bodies that we did not have prior to the lighting of the wood placed in the middle.

Hooray for safety!

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  1. My ongoing project for this summer was to built a two-tiered, 45-foot retaining wall with steps out of versa-loc blocks (82 pounds each). I managed to get the first wall completed over the summer and I'm starting to lay the bricks for the second one. Once completed, I'll be adding a fire pit somewhere in the yard that will look similar to yours.

    This is a very roundabout way of saying that I very much like your pit and I look forward to having my own.