Saturday, October 1, 2011

Results from Da Poll

September's poll has officially closed.  As sometimes happens, it resulted in a tie.  The only problem with that is all my ideas for the month's image to celebrate the winner go out the window at that point and I have to come up with something that combines more than one result.

Imagine me sitting at my computer, brainstorming on what to create.  People are excited about the start of the NFL season.  That makes me think of my beloved Bears and the Super Fans of SNL fame.  But people are also looking forward to the cooler temperatures.

That got me thinking about the fans in cold weather NFL cities.  Those without domes, like Bears fans (and the fans of some other NFC North team I can't seem to remember the name of right now), show a great amount of dedication by showing up in frigid climates to support their teams.  I was one such fan who froze my assets off during the NFC Divisional Playoff game last season.  Worth every down.

My mind continued to wander to the days of my youth when I have a fuzzy memory of Bears cheerleaders.  They were named the Honey-Bears and have long since been disbanded.  It was this thought that stuck with me, the lack of outdoor Midwest NFL team cheerleaders.  I chalked it up to the fact that they don't need cheerleaders because they have super fans.

The following image resulted:

Extra points go to the first person to correctly tell me how many Ditkas they see.

As with every poll, once it is over, it is time to begin anew.  You better believe that October's poll will have to do with Halloween.

The question is, which costume potential costume would you find the scariest.  To see your choices, look to the left hand column.  And in honor of the long lost Honey Bears, do things the Chicago way.  Vote early.  Vote often.

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