Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jealousy Does Not Become Me...But That Sweet-Ass Boba Fett Costume Sure Would

My sons' Halloween costumes arrived today and while there are lots of feelings of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming pseudo-holiday, the main feeling I am experiencing is something entirely different.  It is jealousy.

Why so jealous, you ask?  I can show you exactly why.  Observe this actual picture of my seven year old in full costume...

That is one badass little kid.  This costume is more realistic looking than anything I would have worn at his age.  In case some of you were not around or don't remember the early eighties, allow me to present to you this approximation of what a Boba Fett costume would have looked like back then...

Notice the picture of Boba Fett on the vest.  Also, make note that the pants would have been chosen by the costume wearer.  The costume set would have come with only the vest and the mask, which you can see has no back to it, merely an elastic string made of a material that was apparently first designed as a hair removal tool.  I suppose that since the eighties were the "Me Decade" it isn't too ridiculous to imagine Boba Fett walking about circa 1983 in a shirt with his own picture and name emblazoned on it.

Do you still wonder why I'm jealous?

To add insult to injury, the adult equivalent of these costumes are almost ten times as much as the kid version, not that any of them would fit me at six-foot-six anyway.

I suppose now might be a good time to finally learn how to sew.

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