Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 2012 Bloggies are Accepting Nominations!

The twelfth annual Weblog Awards are now accepting nominations!

Why do I tell you this?  No reason, just thought you might like to head over there and nominate some of the cool blogs you read from time to time and allow the authors of said blogs to receive some credit for their efforts.

Wait!  OMG, I have a great idea!  You could nominate this blog!

See what I did there?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as I have been known to do form time to time, I have decided to participate in shameless self-promotion and downright begging and pleading in order to get you, my loyal, avid, attractive readers, to nominate Transformer Generation Dad for the 2012 Bloggies.  How awesome would it be to win any category or maybe even be recognized as a runner-up?

Transformer Generation Dad needs your nomination sometime between now and January 15th in order to even be considered for voting.  So please head to the 2012 Weblog Awards site and nominate TGD for any one or all of the following categories:

  • Best Parenting or Family Weblog
  • Most Humorous Weblog
  • Best Writing of a Weblog
  • Best-Kept Secret Weblog
  • Weblog of the Year

Some of those may be a bit presumptuous, but a blogger can dream, can't he?

But don't stop with a nomination for Transformer Generation Dad.  The nomination process requires that you nominate at least three unique blogs, so take a quick gander at our right hand column at our Fellow Bloggers section where there is a veritable cornucopia of potential nominees.

You might nominate Achoo! - Adventures of an Allergist Mommy for Best Health and Wellness Weblog.  Mamihlapinatapei and Adventures in Parenting would both be good Parenting or Family Weblog candidates (provides Transformer Generation Dad makes your list too).  Perhaps I Should Really Get Out More, Incidental Comics or TGD's own graphic design specialist SOC Design would fit for the Best Designed Weblog.  BlueZhift would certainly qualify for Entertainment Weblog.  The choices available are many and all very qualified.  I will merely make suggestions and not impose my will up your nomination process.

Just remember my most important suggestion:  You should nominate Transformer Generation Dad for one or all of the above suggested categories...if you know what's good for you.