Sunday, January 1, 2012

Meet the New Year. Same as the Old Year...Kinda

I wish that today's fatigue were the result of some compelling and controversial story whose details I would reminisce over for years to come, laughing out loud to myself in public anytime I thought of them and keeping them secret from my sons until they were in their thirties.  Alas, it is merely because I had to work last night combined with the sobering reality that I am getting older.

While that left me little time to conjure up the first batch of weekly features for 2012, it did not keep me from wanting to express a heartfelt Happy New Year to all the Transformer Generation Dad faithful out there.  So, Happy New Year, readers!  I hope you had a good 2011 but that you will have a better 2012.

This coming year should be one of great excitement on this blog.  I have a few interesting projects in the works and hope to expand out readership and interactivity (Is that a word? It is now) over the coming months.

The first major event will be the Second Annual TGD Geek Tournament, which will take place during the month of March to coincide with the NCAA's March Madness.  The format will be radically different from last year, but I maintain that this is not due to the backlash from angry commenters regarding some of the stranger and more random/lopsided match-ups.  Rather, the ensuing anger was half the fun of the whole thing for me, but I came up with a new idea for this year's tournament all on my own which I deem shall be more satisfying and create a possibly even larger population of angry geeks, nerds and dorks to shout at me.

Of course, Transformer Generation Dad hopes to still offer you the content, reviews and third person stories you have all come to love over the last two years, but will some new excitement peppered in ever so lovingly.

So, with a great deal of vague promises thrown out there, I welcome 2012 and say, "Bring it."

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