Saturday, January 14, 2012

Divisional Round Moral High Ground Picks

Another weekend is here and I know you're looking for guidance on who to root for in this round of the NFL Playoffs.  Look no further as the moral high ground has arrived to light your way via Transformer Generation Dad.  Yes, much like Tim Tebow converses with God on the sidelines, I have been endowed with a finely tuned moral compass (at least when it comes to matters of sport) and am more than willing to inform you of which way it is pointing.

This weekend's games are bookended by unique match-ups.  It will start with a game with two acceptable winners and end with a game in which a win for either team is a victory for evil.

Saturday's Games
New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers
Neither of these teams offends one's moral sensibility to an unreasonable degree unless you take into account how much money everybody is making, but that goes for any professional sport.  When in doubt here, the whole terrible natural disaster in New Orleans thing still carries weight.  It's always easier to seem holier-than-thou when you can say the city the team is from is still recovering from massive casualties.
Moral High Ground Pick: New Orleans Saints

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots
I mentioned last week that Tim Tebow and John Elway are both examples of arrogance.  But when arrogance comes to mind, Bill Belichick has to be considered a bigger offender.  Plus, they've won three recently (greed) and I still believe that they cheated to win the first.  I'm trying not to pick you, Tebow, but it's almost like there's a higher power at work and......whoa.
Moral High Ground Pick: Denver Broncos

Sunday's Games
Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens
I often cite sympathy as a reason to root for a city that had their franchise ripped from their loving grasp, but the Oilers' removal from Houston to become the Tennessee Titans isn't much different from how the Colts left Baltimore.  The difference, however, is that Baltimore then jacked Cleveland for the Browns and renamed them instead of waiting for expansion to get a team back.  Also, Ray Lewis had a hand in someone's death.
Moral High Ground Pick: Houston Texans

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers
Being from Chicago, I have only rooted for a New York team once in my lifetime.  It was the 2000 World Series when I wanted the Mets to beat the Yankees.  Despite my pride in that record, I simply cannot condone anyone rooting for a certain team from the state directly north of Illinois and their quarterback who happens to have one of the stupidest touchdown gimmick celebrations of all time.  Yes, I am still bitter about last year.
Moral High Ground Pick: New York Giants

There you have it.  Stick with the road teams this week and you will be able to sleep at night knowing you were on the side of all that is good and righteous (provided the Giants lose to the winner of the Saints/49ers game next week).

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