Sunday, January 22, 2012

Conference Championship Round Moral High Ground Picks

There's nothing like taking the moral high ground when you can't decide something by becoming educated on the matter.  Thus, as we have done all playoffs, TGD is here to provide you with the Moral High Ground picks for today's NFL PLayoff games.

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots
This battle of arrogant alleged cheaters versus a murderer (yeah I said it, Ray Lewis, because the likelihood that I will ever come face to face with you is slim and the likelihood that you would have read this blog post is nearly non-existant) is similar to ever political race I've ever witnessed in that it is a matter of choosing to support the lesser of two evils.  In the end, you must pick the team that will prove the weakest obstacle to whomever wins the NFC.
TGD Moral High Ground Pick: New England Patriots

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers
New York is inherently evil, which I admit I think only because I am from Chicago, but I believe nonetheless.  Besides, Jim Harbaugh has given his team self confidence when they lacked it and that's the feel good story of the year amongst over paid millionaires.
TGD Moral High Ground Pick: San Francisco 49ers

Good luck today regardless of which teams you are rooting for.  Both should be entertaining games at least.  Celebrate responsibly.  By that I mean not the way Ray Lewis did.  By that I mean by having your night end with you and your friends stabbing someone to death and attempting to cover it up.  By that I mean...actually, that last part was pretty clear, I think.

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