Thursday, April 26, 2012

Third Person Thursday: The Most Popular Kid at School

“That shirt is so awesome.”

“Thanks, Billy,” he responded, looking down to admire it on his own torso.  “It’s one of my favorite t-shirts.  Probably in my top three, definitely in my top five.”

“I like how Thor is holding the hammer,” Billy elaborated, mimicking it with his hand held aloft over his own head.

“Yeah, he looks pretty cool, right?”

“He’s, like one of the strongest super heroes,” Billy informed him.

“Yeah,” he agreed, “but Hulk is even stronger.  He’s like the strongest one there is.”

“Are you gonna see the Avengers when it comes out?”


“Did you see the commercials?” asked Billy, excitedly.

“I’m wearing a Thor t-shirt but I haven’t seen the commercials for the Avengers?  C’mon, Billy.”

“Wanna know what my favorite part is?” Billy asked then continued without waiting for an answer.  “It’s when the Hulk jumps and hits the building and then he’s like, WHAM!” Billy swung his fist through the air.  “Then he’s all like, WHAM!”  He swung his fist back the other way.

“Oh yeah, and he’s all, FOOSH, and smashes that bad guy against the building?  That’s so awesome.  And did you see the part where that giant thing is chasing Iron Man and he’s all like, ‘I’m bringing the party to you,’ and they look up and they’re all like, ‘Whoa,’ ‘cause that huge machine thing is like right behind him and chasing him past the building?”

“Yeah,” Billy shouted, “and it hits the side of the building all like, WHOOOOSH, SMASH!  I love that part!”

“Billy!"  The call came from across the parking lot.  Billy turned to see his mother waving to him.  “It’s time to go!”

“Go ahead, Billy, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay,” said Billy and turned to run.  “Nice talking to you Mr. Benedict,” he called over his shoulder and ran to meet his mother.

“Dad,” said the small voice next to Mr. Benedict.  “What was Billy talking to you about?”

“Hi Colin,” Mr. Benedict said and tousled his son’s hair.  “He likes daddy’s t-shirt.”

They began their walk to the car.

“Can Billy come over and play later today?” asked Colin.

“Of course,” said Mr. Benedict.  “He seems like a nice kid.”

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