Monday, April 16, 2012

W(G)eekly Features

Still hungover from the nerdgasm of the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, I realize I must return to the grind and provide some long overdue updates to the weekly features.  Of course, as my mind still spins from all the awesome things I saw over my two days at the convention, every category will focus on the glory that was C2E2, starting with our top five awesome things we saw there...

5. John Cusack - How cool is this guy?  Sure, he's the seasoned Hollywood actor, adept at putting on the face that seems appropriate, but his Q&A session on Sunday made him seem like a genuinely decent dude.  The star of the upcoming film The Raven graciously let fans come up to the stage to take photos with him (much to the dismay of the staff on hand) and kept his cool, collected onscreen demeanor throughout the event.  It made me think back to his film catalog and realize that, while I may not have always liked all his movies, I liked his character in all his movies.  Of course, maybe that's because he was basically portraying himself in all of them.  I have included below the blurry photo I took in a frenzy of fanboy emotion despite leaving my good camera at home.

We love you, John!

4. Mjolnir - Cap is my all time favorite (see #3) but one of the best super hero weapons of all time may be the mighty Thor's hammer.  Had I an extra six grand to drop at the convention, you may have seen me wielding this bad boy around the neighborhood.

Whosoever has cash enough to purchase this hammer shall
possess the copyrighted image of Thor

3. Captain America Film Uniforms - One of the only things about the trailers of the Avengers movie that makes me cringe slightly is Captain America's updated uniform.  As the attendant at this particular booth suggested, his new threads will most likely grow on me, but these uniforms from the movie were cool to see in person.

I don't recall Steve Rogers wearing that red dress

2. Artists' Alley - Aside form the final 45 minutes before the convention closed, which my wife and I spent madly running from booth to booth attempting to scrounge up the one Pokemon card by son wanted (unsuccessfully, I might add), our entire Sunday was spent happily perusing row after row of comic artists at their assigned tables and engaging them in conversation about their craft.  One in particular was kind enough to allow us to take a photo of him with the three stages of his work to show our sons due to their expressed interest in drawing comic books.  Normally, one would not allow photos of their art to be taken, but as this young man, Dominike "DOMO" Stanton said, "Since it's for the kids, that's okay."  The art itself has been blacked out below, but this kid deserves credit for being so cool about it.

If my kids can draw anything like this guy, I'm set

1. Battlecat Bouncing Horse - No words.  Just take it in.


This week's cool-ass thing you will never own is a proton pack.  You can pick up a prop.  You can make your own close facsimile in your garage or basement.  You won't, however, own one anytime soon that can actually be used to immobilize and capture ectoplasmic entities form beyond the grave.  If you figure out a way to pull it off, please, whatever you do, do not cross the streams.  It would be bad.  Just how bad, you ask?  Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.  Yes, that bad.

This week's sign you are a nerd is that you currently have a self-built proton pack replica listed for sale on eBay.  At least I hope that's just a replica.  If not, just remember: don't cross the streams.  It would be bad.  How bad?  See above joke for answer.

This week's nemesis is C2E2's Artists' Alley.  Yes, it was also one of this week's top 5 coolest things seen there, but the sheer size of it left me unable to see all of it at the pace I would have liked.  To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I made it down all of the aisles.  I think I did, but the haze of keeping track of all the prints and original comics I bought as I navigated through left my sense of direction lacking.

This week's lesson learned is to plan on attending all three days of next year's convention.  No matter how long I am there, I end up wishing I had more time (and more money, but that's a separate issue).  Last year, we did one day with the kids in tow.  this year it was two with no children.  Next year it may very well be three with a room at a nearby hotel for the nights in between.  That is if I can't figure out a way to produce something worth obtaining a booth to display (fingers crossed).

This week's analysis collects cosplay stats as we saw them...

Finally, this week's Star Wars quote is perhaps the one I saw most often emblazoned on t-shirts this past weekend: "It's a trap!"

That's all for now.  Greeting to those of you we may have met this weekend that decided to stop by for a look.  We hope you stick with us and check out some of our older content.

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