Friday, April 13, 2012

This Weekend Has a Pro in a Con

People my age (how dare you ask that?!) still seem to have a tendency to hide their geeky side deep within.  When out in public, we tend to speak more of our mainstream interests.

How about those Bears?  When do you think he’ll officially drop out of the race?  OMG, did you see Alex go off on Matt on the last 16 & Pregnant?  It’s about time she stood up for herself.

Well, maybe we don’t sell out quite that hard, but most of us have participated in the denial of our true form at some point in our lives, whether it was to avoid a wedgie, noogie, swirly or just the condescending laughter of a cute girl.  The stomach turning shame that associates such a split second decision to blend in with the crowd is something most geeks fully understand.

Thus, it is with great fanfare that I participate in anything as decidedly, in-one’s-face geeky as what I plan to do this weekend.  When I am able to let my geek flag fly and say things like, “Oh wait, that was from Army of Darkness, not Evil Dead 2, sorry,” or, “Bucky was beginning to grow on me, but I’m glad Steve is back,” or, “Serenity isn’t just a Firefly class spaceship,” in enlightened company, it gives me a heightened level of self-confidence.

That’s right, Transformer Generation Dad will be attending C2E2 (which really ought to be C2E2, but who’s complaining?) this weekend.  No, I don’t have a booth (maybe someday…) and I was not able to attend today’s events, but I plan to be there for the majority of both Saturday and Sunday.  If you plan on attending as well, look for the really tall guy in the orange Transformer Generation Dad t-shirt.  Then make sure you approach me very cautiously as I tend to spook easily and hide in the brush in response to overly aggressive greetings.

As an added boost to me geek factor, the children will not be in tow.  It will be just me and my honorary geek wife.  Don’t get me wrong, they love them some Star Wars, Marvel and all things video games, but they are not yet at the age conducive to convention-going.  They act as their normally cool, slightly nerd-leaning selves as we sort through old NES games and bins full of action figures with the patience of a spider awaiting its kill, then completely melt down once their limit is reach, a limit which escapes any scientific attempt to pinpoint it.

So, if you don’t hear from me for a few days, rest assured that it is because I am venturing out into the real world and revealing myself in the flesh as a geek.  I hope to meet others like me there and promptly avoid eye contact with the ones I get too close to while pretending to peruse the back issues of West Coast Avengers.

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