Saturday, June 19, 2010

As Seen In My Basement

I thank you all for your patience. I'm sure there was nearly rioting in the streets. Without their daily dose of Transformer Generation Dad the populace was surely up in arms.

For whatever reason, my internet connection was down. High winds and thunderstorms swept through the area on Friday and I was just able to get things up and running. At this point I'd like to extend my thanks to the thickly accented customer service representative who put things on the right track.

The type of storms that caused me problems have been sweeping across our great nation it seems this spring. I've had to fight an ongoing battle against the water that wants to make its way into our basement. While it launched a surprise attack early on, I'm happy to say that I've beaten back the hordes of intruders thanks to Quikcrete, Mighty Putty and several Sham-Wows.

And that brings me to the point of this point. You all knew Ihad to get there eventually, didn' you?

I would like to bask in the glow of the fact that I actually used the Sham-Wow and Mighty Putty simultaneously. Billy Mays is smiling in his grave right now over my accomplishment. Of course this may be due to the fact that the rate of decay has caused his lips to whither and pull back from his teeth so that it only appears he is smiling, but I'll take it anyway.

I soaked up the water with a Sham-Wow, cycling them through every few minutes, as I applied Mighty Putty to the small crack I discovered. It was a harrowing scene and even now I feel a bit overwhelmed by the majesty of it all. But, there I was, wringing ultra absorbant towels into a bucket in between applications of super sealant apoxy that you can acctually apply to a wet surface. Amazing!

To think, without a few random purchases of some crap i saw on TV and no doubt could have lived a happy life without, I may have suffered serious water damage to my basement. Well, at least I would have had to put a lot of towels on the floor.

Either way, I'm back and posting again. Come Monday, I will be going out to purchase the Slap-Chop, a Snuggie, and those plastic bottle lids you can put on your aluminum cans to seal them.

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