Friday, November 5, 2010

Delayed Story Update - Sorry

From the lack of outrage over the absence of the latest installment of our continuing story, one could assume that nobody cares to read it anymore.

But I know better.

All you loyal Transformer Generation Dad readers out there are too dignified to whine and complain. You are too mature to throw temper tantrums over not getting your way. You would rather give me the silent treatment while you wait patiently for our story to continue.

I get that. And you know what? I respect you all that much more for it.

It is precisely that respect for you, loyal readers, which leads me to take some extra time on this next portion of our saga. I want to provide you with a quality product (which is a new thing we here at Transformer Generation Dad have decided to try doing). Thus, the delay in the new chapter of Exceptional.

I assure you that I have a lot of ideas and thoughts for the story and know already where it is going. I'm not making the whole thing up as I go along.

So, please be patient a few days longer and I hope to have more of the story completed and ready for viewing by Sunday or Monday.

One more thing, loyal readers. Did I mention I love you? No? Good, because that would have been creepy and awkward if I had.

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