Monday, November 1, 2010

First Person Shooter Reigns Supreme

Yet another monthly poll is behind us and this month, our friendly readers placed the most votes for First Person Shooter as their favorite video game format. To be honest, I was rooting for Platform, but all four options were strong contestants.

So, as has become traditions here at Transformer Generation Dad, I present to you this following cheesy image which depicts this month's poll winner winner crushing the competition.

With that business dispatched, it's time to look forward to this month's poll.

I've already mentioned that my household (maybe not my wife so much) is very excited by the new Avengers cartoon on Disney XD. With that in mind, I want to know who your favorite Avenger is. As with most polls, there are definitely valid options that have been left out. Feel free to leave a comment if there is someone you think should have been included, but also vote for the existing options. I tried to stick with the most famous of the Avengers and even resisted the urge to throw the Vision in there.

So, thanks for your response on last months poll and please refer to the left hand column to vote this month. Also, be sure to peruse the other various features and links we have placed there for your entertainment.

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