Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'd Rather Be...Doing Something Other Than Coming Up With a New Poll

Per our now monthly tradition, the poll which has been featured along the left hand column of this blog is now closed and it is time to post a new one. However, in order to reward those who were interested enough to vote or at least check back regularly, please enjoy the following cheesy image:

The majority of the drivers whose minds we have invaded are thinking they'd like to be fishing as that was the result of our poll (do you see how it works now?) with a few people thinking about snorkeling and someone thinking of golfing. You may also notice a particularly distressed commuter at the bottom of the picture who would rather end it all than be in such terrible weather. I can't explain how that happened.

But onward to happier things.

With winter weather sweeping the nation and making headlines, I'd like to know how my readers take advantage of the excuse to remain inside on those particularly awful days. You have all month to vote and can choose more than one answer.

While there's an answer up there that some of you may hesitate to select, I'll know the truth when birth rate stats for next November become available...sinners.

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