Saturday, February 12, 2011

This...Is...SPARTA! (note: this is not sparta)

It is time to celebrate the number 300. No, not the ab-shredding workout that inspired the movie that inspired the graphic novel (note: I may have the order wrong on that), but the fact that the words you are reading at this very moment represent my 300th post on Transformer Generation Dad.

I know! You sound almost as excited as I am. Of course that isn’t saying much because I’m only mildly impressed with myself and am actually somewhat annoyed by feeling obliged to write an entire post about how many posts I’ve written.

But in all seriousness (note: following words will lack seriousness) when I started this blog, it was as an exercise in writing consistently. I wanted to have something that I was writing on a near daily basis, something that would get me off my ass and force me to produce something. Something that would speak to the masses and inspire them to be better than they ever believed they could be. But instead I wrote this blog.

Reading the recent thoughts of friend and fellow blogger, Ironsalsa (note: go vote on his survey) (note: vote for him, the blog author ought to have the most votes, it’s only right), I realized that a lot of people blog in order to just write their own thoughts. It often (please don’t pronounce the t, that annoys me) isn’t until after they are writing for a while that they are aware of trying to please an audience. Sadly, I wanted to attract an audience and entertain them from the beginning. I thought and still hold on to my delusion that other parents out there who struggle with being nerds and wanting to act more like children than their children would enjoy reading and taking comfort in my words. I thought a (semi-)weekly fictional story would spread enjoyment throughout the land. I have even worked diligently on weekly features and surveys and all sorts of pertinent information that you can see in the left-hand column, pandering to my quite possibly fictional audience.

What do you mean you never noticed the stuff in the left hand column? Are you kidding me? Where have you been? I’ve been busting my ass doing all this just so…(ahem)…sorry. If you’ve never noticed the features in the left-hand column of this blog before, please take a look at them now (note: this is said with a big phony smile that hides 300 posts worth of repressed anger behind it).

Anyway, in a little less than a year, I have managed to knock out 300 posts and I think that’s a pretty decent record. I calculate it as an 84% posting rate. Yay, me! This blog has done one of the two things I set out for it to do: it has kept me writing regularly. Now, as far as entertaining and informing all of you, I’m sorry and promise to try harder with the next 300 posts (note: studies show people enjoy self-deprecating humor, see, I’m trying already).


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I enjoy reading your writing. Speaking of writing, for some reason this post reminded me about how we (the collective we, not just you and me) were going to write our own independent version of the Mount Carmel Newspaper because we were fed up with the shoddy writing and lack of timeliness? We got real far on that project...

  2. And I enjoy writing your reading. What?

    Anyway, as far as that high school paper goes, I think we had such great ideas that if we had actually pulled it off the sheer density of our creativity and journalistic integrity would have caused the universe to collapse in upon itself. So, it's better for the greater good that we never finished it.

    It's like they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often something or other, I don't remember the rest.