Monday, August 29, 2011

Desperately Seeking Nathan

Our Perplexus giveaway has ended.  There is but one problem.  A commenter with the handle "nathan" deserves to have a Perplexus mailed out to him and I do not have an email address associated with the handle.

In order to avoid being a total creepy internet stalker, I am hoping that "nathan" stops by again sometime soon and reads the following:

Nathan (if that is your real name),

Congratulations!  You are the lucky (and mysterious) winner of an Original Perplexus.  In order to claim your prize, I need to get your email address so that you can tell me where said prize need be mailed.  You can email me at to give me the information.  Thank you for playing and I hope to hear from you soon.

Transformer Generation Dad

There, now I feel that I've done my part in attempting to send the prize off to its rightful owner.  For those who did not participate, do not fear, I will try to organize another giveaway sometime in the near future.

Thanks again to out friends at Plasmart for sponsoring the event and thanks to all who undoubtedly took a look at their website even if they did not participate in the giveaway.

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