Friday, August 5, 2011

It Will Be Mine. Oh Yes, it Will Be Mine.

While shopping at Target the other day to purchase something decidedly less interesting than Lego bricks. However, my sons and I found ourselves, as we often do at Target when shopping for things less interesting than Lego bricks, in the Lego aisle.  It would seem that particular section of the store possesses a gravitational pull that specifically targets (no pun intended) me and my boys.  I suppose that would make it more like a tractor beam.

But whether it be a tractor beam or gravity, the point remains that I found myself wide eyed and mouth agape as I stared at the new sets that had just recently hit the shelves.  Sets, hell, I should say set, because my eyes locked on to it and did not wander an inch.

There it sat before me, #7965, the Millennium Falcon.

It's not the first time Lego has released their rendering of the iconic ship.  The previous ship was listed in the $400 price range, however, and took up the majority of a diving room table top.  This scaled down version came with awesome detail, plenty of minifigures and flip open panels that remain connected to the ship in order to access all the goodies inside (which include a holo-chess table and Luke's blast shield lowered helmet that he used for lightsaber training) and is being offered for the low low price of $139.  Okay, not a low price, but much lower than the previous installment.

The box called to me.  Without thinking, I picked it up and placed it in my cart.  After my sons picked out some of the new Hero Factory figures, we headed off to complete the task which had we originally brought us there.

My sons noticed that the Falcon was going along for the ride.

"Are you getting it," they asked excitedly.  They love when I buy myself a toy they are interested in because it's like a freebie in their minds.  Sure, they'll get to play with it, but it doesn't count as a toy credit on their tab.

I looked down at the box in the cart.  It seemed wrong to have it in the main section of the cart with the rest of the products we were purchasing.  If the box hadn't been so large, I would have considered placing it in the toddler seat area and fastening the seat belt around it.

"Ummmm," I dragged on, not knowing what I was about to answer when honesty crept out, "I shouldn't."

"Yes you should," they both agreed knowing I knew exactly why.

"Let's just get the rest of our stuff," I delayed.

We wandered about for a while picking out only items we truly needed for the rest of our stay.  The box continued to look up at me.  Unlike my initial reaction upon viewing it in the Lego aisle, I now attempted to avoid eye contact with it.  Eventually, the time came to make a decision.

I turned the cart back toward the toy section.  We entered the Lego aisle and I delicately placed the Millenium Falcon box on its shelf in front of the twenty other boxes.

"Awwwww," my sons whined in perfect unison.

"Let's go," I scolded them.  "It's really cool, but we don't need it."

Then, as we hit the end of the aisle, I turned back to look one last time at the impossibly awesome set.  I whispered, "You will be mine...someday," and continued to the register.

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