Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A (Jedi K)Night to Remember

Tonight, I plan on commencing the assembly of the Lego Millennium Falcon.  My sons will be served milk shakes, I will drink some beer and bricks will slowly come together to form one of the greatest spaceships of all time.

While I am guaranteeing that this will begin tonight, I am not necessarily saying it will end.  I may, in fact, build extra slowly just to drag the festivities on until tomorrow.  An event like this doesn't come around very often and I plan to savor it.  In fact, I have even comprised an iTunes playlist with extra geeky music (I Fight Dragons, Ludo and the entire score from Star Wars Episodes IV-VI) on it just to commemorate the solemnity of the evening.

I do not post this to make any of you jealous.  I merely hope that you might enjoy the night vicariously through me if you don't have something as fun planned (which is nearly impossible).

Don't hate.  Wish me luck.

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