Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Impassioned Plea

Transformer Generation Dad has been up and running for approximately a year and a half now.  Over this time, we have mildly gained popularity through very little effort.  We now have 230 "likes" on Facebook and the site gets a few hundred hits per day.

In the interest of continuing to exert very little effort on the popularity of this blog, today has been designated as a day of eliciting help.  We ask any and all readers of Transformer Generation Dad to do your part in spreading the word about the wonderful content you discover here (Disclaimer: Not all content is wonderful).  If each person who reads, enjoys or even stumbles upon this blog by happenstance could do a few things for me, we would be eternally grateful.

First, please run the gauntlet down the right hand side of the page and follow, join, like and vote in any of the numerous ways made available there.  In particular, we encourage you to follow the blog via the Google Friend Connect option.

Second, please tell others.  Whether this means "retweeting," "suggesting" or just plain old word of mouth, we would love to have new readers visit the blog.  We're pretty confident (perhaps unjustly) that those who stop by and read a few posts will be pleasantly surprised by the blog's content, including the Third Person Thursday posts, so we just want to get new traffic.

Finally, visit the left hand column and vote in the monthly poll and participate in our Perplexus giveaway.  The successful running of more giveaways with other cool products depends on the participation we receive.

Thank you all for your help in this matter.  Should everyone pitch in and help spread the word about Transformer Generation Dad, then we can continue to focus our efforts on producing quality content instead of marketing strategies.

And, who knows, maybe one day you all can be responsible for saving me...I mean, us from the terribly miserable and life-sucking career we are currently trapped undertaking day after dreary day.  No pressure.

Thanks for reading.

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