Saturday, March 17, 2012

Almost There...

The second round of our Geek Tournament is nearing its conclusion.  Both Geek Dad and Mental Floss have picked up word of our tournament and posted links on their sites, which I greatly appreciate.  This has made the voting pool a rich and diverse sampling of geeks from around the world if the Google stats I'm looking at are to be trusted.

The reaction to the match-ups this year has been decidedly positive.  Most everyone has commented that it has been a lot of fun.  I have received no threats, no rude emails and no accusations of bias.  The only real criticism came from a comment on the rules post that I placed "Doctor Who" in the captain bracket instead of "The Doctor."  Touche.

As for this round's contests, there have been some interesting developments.  I have watched Mal Reynolds pull away from Leela in a game that was closer than I had expected it would be through the first few days.  You have, for the most part, decided that the western feel of the Firefly universe makes it more attractive than the 60's vision of the future from the original Star Trek despite the corrupt government's use of human guinea pigs.  The Millennium Falcon and Chewbacca continue their dominance and the game between Han Solo and the Doctor (happy, reader?) has not been quite as close as I would have anticipated.

Come Sunday night, at midnight, each bracket will be reduced to four competitors.  The new round will be posted early Monday morning and the voting, I'm sure, will become even more heated.  Be sure to come back and cast your vote.

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