Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's On!

It's opening day of the 2012 Geek Tournament!  Which captain should pilot which ship?  Which crew should stand loyally at their side?  In which universe should this all take place?  The time to decide is now.  Only you can influence the ultimate outcome in the hopes of achieving optimal awesomeness!

A whole mess of games are posted in our left hand column.  There are 32 total so please be patient and vote on them all.  I know that makes for a lot of scrolling and whichever finger you use may require some icing afterward (thumb for mobile users, index finger for those on computers or pinky for those who lost all their other digits in a horrible, fiery accident), but the influence you have upon the final result will be worth it, I guarantee it (legal notice: that was a hollow guarantee).

The final tally for this round will be taken on Sunday morning and the following round posted then.  If you want your own bracket with which to score at home (and who doesn't?!), the text just under our banner offers them to you in both PDF and spreadsheet format.  We will still be accepting brackets until midnight CST tonight so all you dirty, rotten, cheating cheaters who seek every opportunity to get one over on your fellow man can technically submit a bracket after the first few hours of voting have already passed.  Don't worry, I guarantee I won't judge you for it (legal notice: that was a hollow guarantee).

Reference materials to help you decipher any confusing bits are still available including the rules and a key.  Isn't that the sign of a well organized tournament, the organizer's anticipation that something about it is bound to confuse the hell out of you?  Well, if it is, we've got that covered.  We take pride in the fact that this may be the most mind-bendingly confusing tournament out there.

But don't take my word for it.  Plunge headlong into the left hand column and click away on those little bubbles to select your favorites.  Tell your friends and check back often.  We look forward to you visiting us here at Transformer Generation Dad throughout the duration of the tournament and beyond.  We like making new friends.

We are friends, right?

Too soon?

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