Monday, March 19, 2012

Round 3

Sometimes your kids get sick unexpectedly.  Then, something you looked forward to and took very seriously can be completely forgotten because, after tending to coughs and sniffles and warnings of, "I think I'm gonna puke," (that, thankfully, never came to pass) all you wanted to do was crawl into bed and catch up on sleep.

So it went with the new round of the Geek Tournament.  But, after accidentally sleeping in longer than I anticipated, round 3 of our Geek Tournament has been posted and there are some absolute juggernaut match-ups as it is each bracket's semifinal round.

Only one captain of a Starship Enterprise will reach their bracket final.  Is the western feel of the Firefly universe enough to defeat all of space and time, as visited in Doctor Who?  Han Solo will finally square off against his suspenders-in-lieu-of-vest wearing counterpart, Mal Reynolds.  Which hairy-faced crew member will make it to their bracket final, Chewbacca or Riker?

There is a great deal at stake in the bracket semifinals.  These contests will be available to vote on until next Sunday night at midnight, so be sure to cast you vote today.

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