Saturday, March 24, 2012

Approaching Finality

Less than 48 hours remain to vote in the semifinal round of the Geek Tournament.  I wanted to take this time to remind you all that, should a particular matchup come down to the wire, it will be posted on the Transformer Generation Dad Facebook page Sunday morning.  Comments left below the Facebook post for each matchup will then be considered overtime points in the event of a tie.

Currently, there is only one contest that seems heated enough to potentially require an overtime period.  As I write this, Chewbacca is one vote behind Riker and the crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Should you have money riding on that matchup, you will want to get to our Facebook page and sway the odds in your favor.  More importantly, you should really check out this link.

Good luck to all and here's to what looks to be a great final round.

P.S. - I just noticed that, in my haste to post the new round earlier this week, I did not catch that the above mentioned game lists the TNG crew as "Riker, Data, Work, etc."  Work?  Obviously that should be Worf.  Obviously, I need to add an extra round of proofreading.  Obviously, there is nothing I can do to change it now without throwing out the results up to this point so the embarrassing gaff will need to remain for all to see.  Curse you, auto-correct!!!!!

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